Policies for buyers -

Knowing the rules and policies on Fashionmozo can help you become a more successful seller. So before listing your item, make sure you read, understand, and regularly check our policies and all applicable laws and regulations on the sale of your item. Fashionmozo is the one-stop destination of women wear from where they can purchase their favorite dresses at affordable prices. We at Fashionmozo want to maintain a safe and enjoyable marketplace for both buyers and sellers. If you're a buyer, we ask that you review and understand our policies, including the user agreement before you acquire an item. The moment when you shop online from Fashionmozo, you are agreeing to all of our rules and policies.

Fashionmozo's policies are intended to -
  1. Support laws and regulations
  2. Minimize risks to sellers
  3. Provide equal opportunity to all sellers
  4. Protect intellectual property right

Make sure your listing follows our guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and your buying and selling privileges could be limited.

Guidelines for buyers
  1. If your account contains false contact information then you can't use Fashionmozo.
  2. You need to read the product description before buying. Sometimes, problems arise between buyers and sellers due to misunderstandings about what is for sale and the terms of sale.
  3. You can't offer to buy items outside of Fashionmozo. If you have brought any item from any different website then our policies don't cover such things. If you buy items outside of Fashionmozo, we don't protect you against fraud. Sellers must follow the same rule, so if a seller offers to sell you something outside of Fashionmozo, don't accept the offer.
  4. You must pay for an item before commit to buying. Various sellers use an auction-style format.
Payment method

Users can pay the transaction fees through the available method of payment as per their comfort. Users will be intimated when -

  1. The Transaction Price is credited to the account of the company.
  2. On committing to pay the Transaction Price on Delivery, if you opt for Cash on the Delivery payment method, then such things will be automatically confirmed by the Website.

Fashionmozo does not permit any buyer to purchase a product without making a payment of the Transaction Price by Payment on the Billing method of opting for Cash on Delivery.

Contacting users

Users can share their feedback as per their experiences without any restrictions. But the users are not allowed to communicate with other users outside the website to warn them about a seller, products or listing.

Contact info

Users should enter appropriate contact details at all times. Fashionmozo takes no responsibility for any delay/non-delivery of the garments on account of the failure of the user to update the contact information provided on the website. Any consequent negative feedback by the buyer will be deleted or modified by the technical team of Fashionmozo.


Buyers can share their personal opinion about particular products. Buyers should not include any hearsay information that results in maligning any User, brand or product in feedback. If any person tries to violate the provisions of this user agreement then buyers can inform us by sending a mail at info@fashionmozo.com.

Limit on the volume of transactions

Fashionmozo reserves the right to limit the amount payable and the volume of the transaction. The company may also block certain Cards or Bank Accounts if any suspicious activity is detected.

Verification of payment

Payment of the Transaction Price initiated by the Buyer may be kept on hold for verification. Fashionmozo may contact the purchaser for a check of extra data, information, and archives. Such steps are performed by Fashionmozo to prevent any kind of misuse. The company will not accept any payment if anything is found inappropriate. In fact, the dispatch timelines will not commence until Payment Confirmation. The result of the checks and verification shall be communicated to the buyer and vender.

Payment Confirmation

Once the payment is successfully confirmed, and all the verification steps get completed, the company will notify the buyers and sellers about everything. In case of “Cash on Delivery”, Fashionmozo will notify the buyer and seller that the buyer has committed to pay the Transaction Price by Cash on Delivery.

Dispatch details

After Payment Confirmation, the seller shall provide the Dispatch Details on the Website. If the Seller fails to enter the correct Dispatch Details on the Website then it is the decision of Fashionmozo to cancel the Transaction and refund the Transaction Price to the Buyer.


Fashionmozo always delivers the products at the customers' doorstep at the right timeline. The company's courier partners will be able to deliver the shipment to you between a few working days. (Working days exclude public holidays and Sundays). Delivery time is liable to factors outside our ability to control including unforeseen travel delays from our courier partners and transporters because of climate conditions and strikes. When your item is shipped, we will let you know.

Delivery confirmation

You shall immediately notify the Website upon Delivery or on Delivery within the prescribed period. If you fail to provide such notification/ confirmation of receipt or non-receipt of an item within few days of the expiry of the Delivery time, it shall be construed as a deemed Delivery and the Transaction Price shall not be refunded by the Fashionmozo.


You shall be entitled to claim a refund of the Transaction Price once the investigation is done by our team and the valid issues are found.