Embrace the Ancient and Beautiful Tradition of Punjab by Owning Phulkari Sarees

Phulkari Saree is one of the most preserved designs and art from India. The phulkari work is a ritualistic and traditional form of Punjabi embroidery, which started in a family as a tradition and culture after the birth of a boy in the family.

They are best known for their flower designs that are handmade by the people of north India. It was earlier made for family use and never for commercialization. The demand for this material from many parts of the world brought huge changes in tradition. Due to this, phulkari art saw commercialization. 

Now the phulkari saree is also woven on the machine and with its increasing popularity, demand this age-old craft is getting noticed. This has led to the opening of many new paths for this form of art. Phulkari is a rural word that means flower work, Phul stands for flower and Kari means work. This form of embroidery done on the Phulkari sarees is now a must-have attire in every women’s wardrobe.

Owning a Phulkari saree speaks of class and great respect for women today. It also shows your fondness to cherish and save the heritage yet disobey all the orthodox types. 

So embrace the exquisite woven feel and design of these sarees to look your traditional best. Also, wearing this saree will draw many compliments from everyone. Available in many patterns, the phulkari work saree is available on our website at great prices. Also, the phulkari saree price includes discounts. 

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History and Origin of Phulkari 

Phulkari is another way of describing Punjab’s rich heritage as it holds a special place in their life. It is an integral part of Punjabi marriage ceremonies. There are many references to Phulkari in the old Hindu texts, literature and folk legends of Punjab. 

  • The technical description of Phulkari embroidery is given in the Harishcharitra. It says - “Some people were embroidering flowers and leaves on the cloth from the reverse side”. Harishcharitra is Emperor Harshavardhana’s biography and he was the last emperor of India’s great ancient Vardhana empire.
  • Phulkari also appeared in the 18th century’s Punjabi literature. It came in the Heer Ranjha (tragic legendary Punjabi romance) - Waris Shah's version. In this legendary romance tale, the wedding trousseau of Heer (female protagonist) and various clothing featured Phulkari embroidery.

The Phulkari embroidery is famous from the 15th century. The prime characteristics of the Phulkari embroidery make use of darn stitch with a coloured silk thread on the other side of the coarse cotton. The Punjabi women used their creativity in the manipulation of the darn stitches. This resulted in the interesting, beautiful designs, and pattern of the Phulkari.

Phulkari saree from Punjab and other attires like Phulkari dupattas, shawls, and odhinis are famous too. They were made for everyday use and preferred by most women. Embroidery done on the full attires for occasions such as weddings and birth of son were called Baghs. Phulkari is done to adorn the cloth whereas the Bagh covers the whole material without showing the base cloth.  

In olden days, soon after the birth of the girl child mothers and grandmothers would start embroidering the Phulkaris and Baghs. It was then given in the girl's marriage. Baghs and Phulkaris described the status of the girl’s family and they were provided as dowry. Many traditional songs were also sung to describe the emotional attachment of the girl towards her mother, grandmother and aunt.  

Punjabi Phulkari saree is well-known but now weaving of this saree is made in many parts of India. Women wear Phulkaris during festivals, marriage, and other joyful occasions. This domestic art brought colours in the day-to-day life that have made it true folk art. 

Phulkari sarees in Amritsar, Phulkari sarees in Chandigarh, and Phulkari sarees in Patiala are widely purchased and is an integral part of their styling. Besides Punjab, these sarees are now manufactured in other cities too. Women shop for Phulkari sarees in Delhi as they like experimenting with their looks and fashion. 

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Types of Phulkari Sarees for Woman

Mainly worn during the wedding season, these sarees are available in various colours. You can find vibrant and bright reds, blues, oranges, whites, blacks and more, these sarees look flattering on any body type.

Also, the simple designs and sober colours available in these sarees can serve you as daily wear. With us, you are not limited to patterns and designs as we offer an array of fabulous collections. Here are different types Phulkari

Phulkari Chiffon Saree

Phulkari Chiffon Saree

The Phulkari chiffon saree is a fabulous option for those who want lightweight and easy fabric on their body. It is the perfect attire to consider during the hot climates. The fabric of chiffon Phulkari sarees uses a blend of chiffon and the silk thread for weaving the designs. The design of these sarees is kept minimal, simple and sober so that you can also wear them on a daily basis. 

Phulkari chiffon saree is a versatile attire and can be worn for both casual and everyday basis. Formal or semi-formal is the most recommended occasion to wear these sarees. Just style it with subtle makeup, minimal jewellery and you are good to go. Choose your favourite colour from the phulkari work saree online right away.  

Phulkari Silk Saree

Phulkari Silk Saree

If you love wearing silk saree and are looking for something in Phulkari designs, then, Phulkari silk saree is your best bet. It benefits you with both the advantages - best fabric and international phulkari designs. 

Designs of these sarees are quite luxurious, with designer prints and handy work of silk threads on the body. The main fabric of this saree is silk and the unique designs and patterns are made of silk threads. You can wear silk Phulkari on both formal occasions or semi-formal occasions as well.

Phulkari Embroidery Saree

Phulkari Embroidery Saree

When we talk about Phulkari sarees, its grand and eye-catching embroidery is what comes in our mind. The embroidery work on these sarees as well as the border is creatively done and looks best on every female. You can view the Phulkari sarees images available on the site to get a clear idea about the fabric and designs. 

All the designs of the Phulkari embroidery sarees are unique and are handmade by skilled workers. Apt for any occasion, these sarees are made of homespun khaddar with silk weave for embroidery. This saree is the same as any normal phulkari saree and looks classy on all ladies. We offer numerous patterns, do visit and buy this embroidery phulkari saree online from us.

Phulkari Georgette Saree

Phulkari Georgette Saree

Made of georgette material and silk threads, the Phulkari georgette saree is one of a kind that looks simple yet elegant on women. The combination of phulkari design and georgette fabric is the best you can have. 

The design of the Phulkari is quite simple and is similar to the other Phulkari sarees. All the artistic designs, designer prints with richly embroidered border and body of the saree gives it a perfect outfit for formal and informal events. Available in bright and beautiful colours, you can now buy Phulkari saree online in India from our website. 

Black Phulkari Saree

Black Phulkari Saree

Black is a versatile colour that looks great on everyone and can be worn on any occasion. If you are a black lover, then be sure to include the Black Phulkari saree in your wardrobe. The black base fabric with alluring detailing and handmade embroidery makes it more appealing. The main designs made on the body of this saree are fine and artistic. The main base fabric of these sarees is made of handloom khaddar, silk or georgette and silk threads are used to make the designs i.e. the embroidery. 

White Phulkari saree

Buy White Phulkari saree

Just like the black Phulkaris, the white Phulkaris look wonderful on everyone and every occasion. The base fabric of this saree is while whereas the embroidery is done with silk threads of different colours. These sarees look extremely gorgeous and posh on ladies of every age as well. View the Phulkari saree images for more details. Also, the main fabric of this saree can be made of silk, georgette, chiffon or handloom khaddar, which you can choose according to your taste. 

Hand embroidery Phulkari sarees

Hand embroidery Phulkari sarees

Embroidery on the Phulkari sarees is done on machines too. If you are looking for traditional hand made Phulkari sarees, you are in the right place. We sell several Phulkari saree designs, patterns and colours in Phulkari hand embroidery sarees. Weaved with silk threads, the main fabric of this saree is mainly made of cotton. 

Traditional Phulkari Saree

Traditional Phulkari Saree

Phulkari is a tradition for Punjabi’s. Buy one of the traditional Phulkari saree and experience their tradition and look out this world at any wedding or function. The style, substance and patterns all have been carried from the state of Punjab. The traditional Punjabi Phulkari sarees are hard to find in the market, so make your best buy phulkari sarees online from our site. 

The design of this saree comprises Punjabi designs and artistic structures, which are derived from the Punjabi culture and folklore. The traditional Punjabi Phulkari sarees are made of chiffon and silk thread. 

Styling tips for Phulkari saree

  • This saree matches with any kind of blouse, be it boat neck, high neck, round neck or boat neck. Choose a blouse that suits your body type, the colour of the saree as well as looks stylish. Keep a good balance between the two and you are good to go. 
  • Team your saree with a nice oxidized jewellery set and it will do wonders to your entire look. 
  • Do not over accessorize it, try to stress the saree. Keep it minimal and simple to look elegant. 
  • Sometimes a simple necklace with bangle, earrings and a clutch or purse should do the trick and make you look gorgeous. 
  • If you are one of those who like fusion, mix-n-match, feel free to experiment with your looks. 

Phulkari sarees are known for their uniqueness and are a very versatile attire. They have become popular not only in India but globally too. Making Phulkari takes a lot of precision, time and work.

It is a much-loved outfit and a dream of every girl to have this art in their collection. Not only the traditional Punjabi Phulkaris designs but the designs and embroideries mixed with modern art loved by all. Make your buy for the same right away.