Create a lasting impression with authentic Odisha Bomkai Saree

Sarees evoke an instant feeling of flamboyant, classiness and royalty in our minds. Every woman in India wishes to have at least one saree in their wardrobe as they render a rich look. Without any doubt, every type of saree turnouts to be ageless and try to give you an extraordinary look.

But, a regal Bomkai saree is definitely a chic alternative that can go well in any event. Since ancient times, Bomkai sarees have maintained their vogue in the fashion world. Even today, Bomkai sarees have turned all the rage for occasional wear.

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The meaning of Bomkai describes the dyeing method of ‘Ikat’. The making of Bomkai sarees involves the Warp and Weft method. Considering the ‘Ikat’ method, the weaving procedure only starts after coloring the threads. The threads are then inserted in a handloom. Threads which are inserted in a perpendicular position called ‘Tana’ (Warp). Whereas, the threads inserted in parallel position called ‘Bana’ ( Weft).

Bomkai Saree Origin

Renowned for its subtle design, Bomkai saree is also known as Sonepuri saree. Bomkai saree holds a unique place in Orissan culture. The history of Bomkai saree dates back to 1980’s and got its name from a small village of Bomkai. Back in the days, Bomkai sarees were meant for the kings, and people from aristocratic society.

Furthermore, Bomkai sarees were first produced by the ‘Bhulia’ community in Odisha. Also, in the earlier days, the Bhulia community used to export these sarees to international countries. But, now the marketing of Bomkai sarees is done by government agencies.

Bomkai sarees depict the rich history of the state and are well-known to bring good luck. Bomkai sarees feature fish design, since they portray a sign of success and affluence. Also, various motifs and designs represent mythology and secrets of the past. The beauty of this saree lies in its charming thread work designs of the pallu and borders.

odisha bomkai saree

Bomkai saree involves a traditional weaving technique called the ‘Jala Technique’. The weaving of Bomkai sarees of Orissa usually follows the ‘tie’ and ‘dye’ method. This saree is woven in two fabrics- Silk and Cotton composed of contrasting colours.

What Are The Designs Used in a Bomkai Saree?

Bomkai saree features various unique and extraordinary designs on the palla and borders. For instance, tortoise, bitter gourd, fish, etc., are the kinds of designs used by weavers in a Bomkai saree. Some of the Bomkai sarees come in astonishing border motifs that are inspired by tribal arts. A few examples include Floral, Kumbha, Rudraksha, etc.

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Types of Sambalpuri Bomkai Saree

Bomkai Silk Saree

Bomkai Silk Saree

Silk Bomkai saree is the most remarkable attire when it comes to Odia Hindu Wedding. Not a single occasion or a wedding ceremony is complete without wearing a silk Bomkai saree. Since silk renders a rich and royal look, every bride in Odia Wedding loves to complete her look with elegant silk Bomkai saree.

Odia brides go on to deck up this saree with antique gold jewellery along with a big round bindi for a dignified look. On top of this, the brides love to style their hair in a bun along with a jasmine gajra.

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Bomkai Cotton Saree

Bomkai Cotton Saree

Cotton Bomkai saree looks subtle on the wearer. Regardless of what kind of occasion or event you are going to attend, a Bomkai cotton saree adorned with the right sort of designs looks perfect.

odisha bomkai saree

A Bomkai saree made up of cotton features chic yet attractive patterns and designs which makes it different from other sarees. Also, if you are a person who loves to look illustrious in a light-weight and comfortable saree, then this saree might be the perfect choice.

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Yellow Bomkai Saree

Yellow Bomkai Saree

Most of the Odia women wear a beautiful handcrafted Bomkai saree with a combination of yellow and maroon colour. There is a belief that the auspicious colour combination of maroon and yellow represent haldi and kumkum. Thus, this kind of saree is best suitable for events like haldi ceremony, weddings, and other religious events.

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Bomkai Pattu Saree

Bomkai Pattu Saree

Ever pondered that wearing a saree is troublesome and requires great effort to rock the event? Well, you need not bother when it comes to a Bomkai pattu saree. Bomkai pattu sarees are effortless to carry and crafted with captivating colours. The beautiful borders featuring various artwork and the stunning pallas looks timeless.

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