Gharchola saree: A royal apparel for Indian brides

Gharchola saree is wedding apparel available in rich and auspicious colours such as maroon, green, red, maroon, and yellow. Marriages are an auspicious occasion for families and in India. The bride is the grace and honour of the family she marries into. Indian society has many cultural practices and religious symbols about marriages. Gharchola is definitely one among them.

Showcasing the Rajasthani and Gujarati culture, the Gharchola sarees have been used for years by Indian women. Traditionally used by Gujrathi and Rajasthani women, these sarees are now worn and loved by all the women across India. Also called Ghatchola and Gharcholu, the Gharchola sarees are available in many patterns and styles too. If you are planning to wear one of these sarees on your big day, then buy the Gharchola saree online from our site

To get a better and clear idea about the colours, designs and patterns, do see the Gharchola saree images from our site. Click to know more about how to get Gujarati Gharchola sarees online and Gharchola silk saree online.

Latest Gharchola sarees and innovations

gharchola saree

The Gharcholas have a strong ceremonial identity in our country. And, to increase its demand in the market, the weavers have updated the traditional designs with a modern touch. Today, Gharcholas are easily customized according to the style and taste of the individual. Apart from different colours, there is a wide range of motifs to choose from in the Gharchola saree online shopping from our site.

You can see motifs of lotus, peacocks, floral patterns, human figures and more printed on the Gharcholas. You can pair the Gharcholas as a pallu with lehenga and the detailing and intricate work enhance your attire pretty well.

The religious importance of Gharchola Saree

Gharchola saree is an age-old attire only used for weddings, this tradition began in Khambhat - a port in Gujarat. This place was visited by many traders and they brought in the silk weavers. The weavers were extremely good and proficient in the art of dying. They produced different shades of red in these sarees which now is a synonym for wedding attire.

Gharchola saree with a grid pattern is worn by brides before entering their bridegroom’s house after marriage.

As the word Ghar refers to house and Chola refers to clothing so this saree is worn by brides. The tradition is that the bride in Gujarat is welcomed in her new home in the Gharchola saree that is gifted to the bride by the groom’s mother. She will then drape this saree over the head as a mark of respect and seek blessings.

This tradition is followed to show care and love of the mother-in-law towards the daughter-in-law and that she will now take proper care of her. The bride wears a Gharchola as an/ Chunar/Odhani, draped over her head and across her shoulders. This Chunar/Odhani is also used to tie the groom’s stole during the time of wedding rituals.

Fabrics used to make Gharchola Sarees

Gharcholas are made of pure silk, cotton as well as the blend of both fabrics. The traditional Gharchola is made of the rich Venkatagiri cotton which is produced in Andhra Pradesh. The silk-like shine, soft texture and smooth feel of this cotton make it apt for making this wedding attire.

Besides this, the cotton is easy to breathe in, light and absorbs the natural dyes the best (i.e. rich colours like red, maroon, etc). Usually, only pure Gaji silk is used to weave the Gharchola because other silks cannot withstand the rich colours used to dye these sarees.

You will definitely love the intricate and extremely delicate work done on these sarees. Although Gharchola saree price is a little expensive, you can still find cheap Gharchola sarees. These cheap sarees are made of an art crepe material and other simple fabrics.

Zari work in Gharchola

Gold-thread weaving on fabrics is known as Zari which is the most essential part of every Gharchola. The grid pattern designs in these sarees have various boxes and each box in this grid features a Zari border. Depending on one's creativity and design these grids can be thick or thin. Further, there are woven with gold-coloured threads along with silk/silk-blend cotton/gaji yarn.

Zari work also adorns the borders and pallu of the saree.

In ancient days, the weavers used threads of real gold to craft the Zari, however, it is extremely expensive. Now, the zari is crafted using the real threads or yarns of silver.

The purest Gharcholas are made of real zari are more expensive than the Copper Zari. Also, plastic zari is currently in practice that reduces the cost to a greater extent.

Grid pattern in Gharcholas

The chequered designs used in the Gharchola sarees are made of various permutations. But, the most famous ones among these are 9, 12, and 52 square patterns. The grids with 12 squares are known as bar bhag and the one with 52 squares are called bavan bhag.

To create the Bandhani pattern, each of the squares is dyed using the tie-dye technique. The entire original Gharcholas are one colour apart from the zari. But, the pallus and borders of contemporary sarees are made of different colours.

Also, these sarees have designs of cut-dana, diamond, and Gota-Patti embroidery and Zardozi work. The lustrous and opulent Gharchola sarees are adorned with semi-precious sequins, shells and stones too.

Styling Gharchola sarees

Mostly used in Gujarati weddings Gharchola sarees are an epitome of beauty created by weavers of Rajasthan and Gujarat. This drape with rich and striking hues of red and gold, intricate grid pattern and bandhani effect look glorious.

gharchola saree

There are many ways to style the Gharcholas as they are available in various designs and patterns.

  • Drape it over your head and shoulder at a formal wedding ceremony
  • Can be worn at other functions and festivals as a regular saree
  • Can be worn in traditional Gujarati style with its palla drawn in the front

Maintenance of Gharcholas

For longevity and to maintain the sheen of these sarees, it is advisable to dry clean them without the use of bleach. Dry the saree in shade and not under direct sunlight as they are dyed in rich natural colours and may fade quickly.

Since this fabric is made of pure silk or cotton and has intricate detailing and zari work, a little care will keep the fabric in great shape for a long time.

Different kinds of Gharchola saree available in the market

Traditional Gharchola saree

Traditional gharchola saree

Offering a royal and elegant look, the Gharchola saree is a traditional outfit. They are most loved Gujarathi and Rajasthani outfits, made of Gaji silk. A few traditional Gharchola sarees are made of Venkatgiri cotton that is also the same as silk. However, the Gharchola saree border and Gharchola saree design are the same as the traditional bandhani prints.

Banarasi Gharchola saree

Banarasi gharchola saree

One of the finest and most attractive Indian wears the Banarasi Gharchola sarees. It is the perfect fusion of the Banarasi, Gujrathi and Rajasthani culture. These sarees are made of cotton and are famous for their brocade or zari work of gold and silver and opulent embroidery.

Gujarati Gharchola saree

Gujarati Gharchola saree

Gujarati Gharchola saree is popular attire among the Gujarati and other women across India. The attractive intricate designs, auspicious colours, and embroidery work are praiseworthy.

Designer Gharchola sarees

Designer gharchola sarees

Available in various colours, grid patterns, and gold or silver zari work on the border, these sarees give a very traditional look. These sarees also feature bandhani print and are made of top quality cotton. Usually, rich colours such as orange, red and green in these sarees and mostly preferred by women.

gharchola saree

Gharchola bandhani sarees

Gharchola bandhani sarees

Perfect for any function, the bandhani print saree or Bandhej Gharchola sarees are available in bright and colours. Auspicious colours like blue, red, maroon, green and other deep hues. These sarees and look good on every woman, irrespective of their age group. The designs on these sarees are very impressive and are basically a bandhani check pattern. The combination of gold, red and while in these sarees look very alluring in these sarees.

Pure silk Gharchola sarees

Pure silk gharchola sarees

The Gharchola sarees weaved in pure Gaji silk are mostly worn on auspicious occasions. If you wish to wear one of these at your weddings, you can also find a wide range of Gaji silk wedding Gharchola saree online and in the market.

Gharchola Panetar saree

Gharchola Panetar Saree


Panetar Gharchola is typically a traditional attire for Hindu and Jain brides. On the occasion of marriage, usually, the maternal uncle of the bride gifts the Panetar sarees whereas the in-laws gift the Gharchola saree. Featuring auspicious wedding colours, these sarees are made of fabric such as pure cotton, or Gajji silk.

gharchola saree

Also, they have linear stripes, gold zari work and bandhani prints. The beautiful combination of colours, designs with the zari border makes this saree a wonderful wedding outfit. Also, it is believed that if worn in a traditional way, it showers the bride with blessings.

Gharchola silk sarees, red Gharchola saree and cotton Gharchola saree are common among Indian women. Pink Gharchola saree, green Gharchola saree and pure Gharchola sarees are also popular.

Gharcholas look resplendent on all brides and women irrespective of their size, colour, style, weight and body shape. These gorgeous sarees do not make you feel any different but surely look and make you feel like a queen on your most important day. Do add this exquisite piece of fabric in your collection of sarees. Even if you are not from this state Gujarat, it is great to have this saree in your wardrobe.