Bhagalpuri saree: Every woman’s go-to attire for all occasions

Love for sarees in India is not hidden. Despite our cultural diversity, women love dressing up in different varieties of sarees. Bhagalpuri saree made of pure Tussar silk or Bhagalpuri silk is high on demand today. This attire is loved among the customers from India and across the world. Popularly known as the “Queen of all fabrics” Bhagalpuri silk is well-known among all the women across India as well as abroad.

It remains in the spotlight because of its striking looks, quality and authentic designs.

Made from the essence of nature, this silk has the finest texture, superior quality, striking and unique resilience. The native artwork on Bhagalpuri sarees showcases the true essence of Bhagalpur in a pure and flawless way. Bhagalpuri sarees are available in many types, colours, designs, and patterns. They display all the cultural aspects of India which are symbolic and taken from natural surroundings.

Bhagalpuri silk states class and elegance, also in Patachitra of Orissa and Kantha stitches of West Bengal. For silk-lovers, Bhagalpur silk holds a key place and a dream attire to own. This silk is also used to produce dress materials, scarves, stoles, etc.

Another major highlight of the Bhagalpuri saree is unique and top in class dyeing technique. Further, it makes these sarees unique and sets them apart from other art silk sarees. Unlike the use of acid dyes on fabrics of silk sarees, the Bhagalpuri saree is dyed using pure, natural and eco-friendly vegetable dyes.

These sarees are carefully weaved on handlooms by skilled weavers from the city of Bhagalpur. These sarees are sure to grace any event, party or function with their minimalistic design.

History and Origin of Bhagalpuri sarees

The history of these sarees dates back to 200 years, to the times when only elite people of the society wore them. The natural and purest form of embroidered Bhagalpuri silk fabric has emerged and exists from the Vedic Age. The Maurya Age was considered as the magical soul of this artwork. It managed to attract the majority of people towards this artwork during their time.

But, over time, the attraction and love towards this artwork didn't deplete. In fact, it has gradually increased over time in later eras and still has a high level of recognition and demand in the market.

 bhagalpuri saree

This authentic and elegant form of artwork got recognition, name, and fame from the soil of Bhagalpur. Bhagalpuri silk is produced in Bhagalpur, a town nestled on the banks of holy river Ganga. Bhagalpur is a quaint town which is also popularly called as the ‘Silk City’ of India. This 200-year-old industry of producing silk is passed on to the skilled craftsman of Bhagalpur over generations.

The current market for Bhagalpuri silk and sarees

Today, the Bhagalpuri silk sarees are loved by women of all ages and are famous across India and other countries. Also, this constant demand has made Bhagalpuri sarees online shopping quite popular today.

Over the years, Bhagalpuri silk artwork got stuck in plenty of governmental and social tentacles. As a result, the attraction and demand for Bhagalpuri Work decreased. As time passed, both the government and non-government institutions took steps to promote this artwork.

Now, it has retained its demand and power across the world, thereby, making it a big fish in the garment industry.

Bhagalpur houses more than 25,000 looms and over 35,000 handloom weavers. More than 1,00,000 workers from Bhagalpur are working for this industry. They separate the silk threads from the cocoons as well as spin the yarn to weave into cloth.

The annual trading income of silk of Bhagalpur is approximately 100 crores. Out of this, 50% is from the domestic market and 50% is from the export market. Bhagalpur exports its silk fabric to West Asia, Europe, Japan, and the U.S.

The international market is seeing immense popularity in home furnishings. Also, the ensembles made with this exclusive fabric have got tremendous popularity in fashion weeks and ramp shows.

Other key points of Bhagalpuri Saree

Global wear-ability

The fashion capitals of the world - Paris and London have a fondness for this fabric. This has resulted in an increase in demand and export of this silk.


Crediting its origin to the traditional era, these sarees were worn during formal occasions. They were also worn during religious ceremonies or traditional get-togethers. Now, because of the modern and innovative touch in designs and petters, these sarees can be worn and suits any form of gatherings/occasions.


Known for its traditional touch, these sarees can be complimented and look best with gold, silver, Kundan, and pearl jewellery.


To sustain the allure, brightness, richness and longevity of these sarees, dry washes are suggested. Do not make use of bleach or harsh detergents

Varieties of Bhagalpuri saree

Bhagalpuri sarees are greatly valued for its rich texture and its natural deep gold, copperish colour and high texture. You can find a variety of Bhagalpuri sarees that enhance the look and beauty of women of all ages. Different patterns and varieties like Mulberry, Katia, Eri, Giccha, etc., of Bhagalpuri or Tussar silk yarn, gives the fabric of these sarees a pastoral look.

All these varieties also give a delicate texture to the fabric. Further, all these types are well-known and give the fabric a royal, and classy look. Also, the enchanting and unique designs printed on them are not to be missed.

Our website offers a wide range of Bhagalpuri sarees to choose from depending upon your personal taste, age, and budget. You can also find the best quality of Bhagalpuri sarees below Rs 300.

You can find many patterns in Bhagalpuri cotton sarees as well as Bhagalpuri Tussar silk sarees. There are and Bhagalpuri cotton silk sarees, printed Bhagalpuri silk saree, and Bhagalpuri art silk saree too. Our website also offers a wide range of original Bhagalpuri silk saree, Bhagalpuri kalamkari sarees, etc.

You can also buy linen Bhagalpuri silk saree, Bhagalpuri raw silk saree, Bhagalpuri Ghicha saree and more. The Bhagalpuri printed saree, pure Bhagalpuri Tussar silk saree, and Bhagalpuri soft silk sarees are very famous.

Bhagalpuri cotton saree

Bhagalpuri Cotton Saree

These sarees reveal a beautiful charm of its own. Weaved with Bhagalpuri cotton is an apt buy for any party, festival or casual wear. Featuring vibrant colours, beautiful patterns and prints, these sarees are light and look elegant on ladies of any age group.

Maintenance of these sarees is pretty simple, normal hand wash with mild detergent is recommended. Do not wring it vigorously and starching right after washing keeps the sarees in good condition for many years.

Pure Bhagalpuri Tussar silk saree

Pure Bhagalpuri Tussar silk saree

The Bhagalpuri Tussar silk sarees are also called Kosa silk sarees in Sanskrit. These sarees are made from silkworms that feed and breed on the trees from wild forests like Sal, Arjun and Saja and not mulberry trees. This silk is also called as wild silk.

These sarees are weaved from a thread extracted from a yellowish-brown wide-winged moth without killing them. These sarees are mostly loved for its natural gold colour, rich coarse texture, and charm.

Bhagalpuri Tussar saree looks super-rich, is comfortable, soft, cool to wear and suits any occasion. You can wear these sarees all round the year as they are airy and absolutely lightweight. Because of its short fibre length, these sarees are inexpensive and durable when compared to the silk that is cultivated.

Tussar fabric is delicate and dry cleaning is the safest option to maintain its quality and life of these sarees. Tussar silks need air to breathe, keep them open and do pack them in plastic bags.

If you are planning to wash it, make use of cold water and a mild liquid and do not use chemical bleach. As the silk is dyed in natural colours, do not dry the saree in the sun as there are chances of colour fading.

Bhagalpuri soft silk saree

Bhagalpuri soft silk saree

As its name suggests, it is a saree with super soft fabric and is one of the best selling sarees on our site.

bhagalpuri saree

Printed Bhagalpuri silk saree

Printed Bhagalpuri Silk Saree

You can choose from a plethora of prints and patterns of silk sarees from our site and upgrade your wardrobe.

Bhagalpuri cotton silk sarees

Bhagalpuri Cotton Silk Sarees

The combined product of top quality Bhagalpuri cotton and Bhagalpuri silk yarns gives birth to the Bhagalpuri cotton silk sarees. Available in impressive patterns, colours and prints, these cotton silk sarees are soft, smooth, soothing and light to wear. Dry clean or light wash with cold water using mild liquid soap is recommended.

Avoid exposure to the sun to avoid fading and dry in the shade. Bleaching is a strict no, and you can iron the saree on low heat on the reverse.

Bhagalpuri art silk saree

Bhagalpuri Art Silk Saree

If you are looking for a substitute for pure silk sarees, then, art silk sarees are a great option. They are available at a much economical cost than the original silk. It is basically artificial silk, but the designs and prints of these sarees resemble the pure Bhagalpuri silk sarees.

Designed with expertise, these artificial silk sarees are made of synthetic fibres such as Rayon. Bhagalpuri art silk sarees are made with a blend of cotton, wool and silk fabrics in equal amounts.

Perfect for hot and humid climates, these art silk sarees are breathable and insulating to the body. To wash these sarees, you can use a cold/warm water and protein shampoo so that the protein from the shampoo can feed the protein in the silk.

Bhagalpuri printed saree

Bhagalpuri Printed Saree

These sarees are available in many varieties and fabrics. Bhagalpuri cotton, Bhagalpuri art silk, pure Bhagalpuri Tussar silk, etc are few to name. With the finest printed designs, colours and styles they are customarily made in Bhagalpur.

Bhagalpuri kalamkari sarees

Bhagalpuri Kalamkari Sarees

Ideal for casual as well as party wears, the kalamkari sarees from Bhagalpur are sure to turn some heads. Hand printing done on silk or cotton sarees using a tamarind pen with natural dyes is known as kalamkari.

Kalamkari is a word derived from the Persian language. The word ‘kalam‘ refers to a pen and ‘Kari’ means craftsmanship. The art on these sarees usually depicts the archaeological sites of Hindu mythology and Mohenjo-Daro.

Kalamkari sarees became famous during the time of the Mughal empire. The Mughal emperors promoted this art in the Coromandel and Golconda province and rewarded the craftsmen. From this time the Kalamkari artwork became famous.

It has evolved over the years with impressive and fresh designs. The handloom industry from Bhagalpur is also using this artform on its sarees. These sarees are printed with the cult, fauna and floral designs and signify many patterns. These sarees are apt for events, festivals, and family/social gatherings.

Bhagalpuri Ghicha Saree

Bhagalpuri Ghicha Saree

Ghicha is organic silk produced from the pierced, flimsy, insect damaged, cut, or double cocoons. The process of producing the Ghicha yarn is the same as that of the reeled yarn which is produced from the good cocoons. Here the insects in the cocoons are not harmed or killed.

The Ghicha fabric is of natural light golden brown colour and is very easy to print and dye. Also, the Ghicha silk is used as a blend material in sarees and mixed with pure silk or cotton material.

The latest Bhagalpuri Ghicha sarees are fantastic and adorned by many women across India. These sarees and worn on special occasions.

Bhagalpuri raw silk saree

Bhagalpuri Raw Silk Saree

Raw silk is nothing but a filament of silk from which the gum is not extracted. It is produced by a coarse spinning process. This gummy substance is generally retained until the silk extracted from the cocoon reaches the fabric or yarn stage.

bhagalpuri saree

Once reached the yarn state, the gummy substance is removed by boiling the silk in water, leaving only the lustrous and soft raw silk. The difference between raw silk and pure silk is that the raw silk contains sericin and is much lighter than pure silk.

Linen Bhagalpuri silk saree

Linen Bhagalpuri Silk Saree

Linen is fabric and it is procured from the flax plant. It can be easily printed or embroidered to create various designs or patterns of your choice.

Bhagalpuri silk linen sarees are made of the best quality yarn and linen, airy, light and are comfortable for summers and hot climate.

Why choose Bhagalpuri sarees online shopping?

Always prefer Bhagalpuri silk sarees online shopping if you want to buy these sarees at a discounted price from our site. Bhagalpuri Tussar silk saree is a household name that fascinates all the ladies.

It's exquisite weaving of silk threads and traditional look attracts women from the world. Also called the Kosa Silk, this silk is produced by the various species of silkworms that live in the trees of wild forest. This silk is typically produced in huge quantities only in Bhagalpur in Bihar. Do check the variety of options of Bhagalpuri sarees online shopping from our website.

Right from weddings to family functions, women, as well as young girls, wear Tussar silk drapes with absolute pride. Today, famous fashion designers from India are all using Bhagalpuri silk in their collection of clothes.

Right from Sabyasachi to Manish Malhotra, Bhagalpuri silk is used by many. But, Bhagalpuri saree is a must-have piece of clothing in every woman's wardrobe today.

bhagalpuri saree